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What is the New F?

Friday, November 9, 2012 12:00 AM


Wondering what the 'new F' is all about? Well, let us explain.

There are two new cameras in Sony's F series, the PMW-F55 and PMW-F5. Both feature a large format CMOS imager, P/L mount with PL/FZ mount adaptor for versatility, high frame-rates (F5:120p, F55: 180fps & 240fps), simultaneous recording to multiple codecs, and professional high quality OLED viewfinders built-in. The cameras also have a new battery system, BP-FL75, for longer battery life, compact size and faster charge.

The new cameras will work with established workflows to allow flexibility. Multiple recording options, with simultaneous recording, (F55 simultaneous internal recording), and a modular body design are some of the features that allow the cameras to be adapted for a variety of production uses and post production workflows.

The two cameras also support a new format, released recently by Sony designed for 4K, XAVC. 

New PL mount lens kits of three or six cameras will be available with the new cameras.

Now in Pre-launch stage, the cameras are expected to officially launch towards the end of the year, with product availability estimated for early 2013.

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