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The JVC GY-HM650 camcorder overview live from IBC 2013

Thursday, September 19, 2013 12:00 AM

Den Lennie takes you on a tour of the JVC GY HM650 camcorder with wireless connectivity and multiple codec choices.

A unique feature of the 650 version over the 600 is the addition of network control, monitoring and file access via 3/4G, wifi or Ethernet. Journalists can directly stream from the camera for live delivery or upload high quality files for editing from the field. Small productions/events don’t need special and expensive controllers to manage remotely mounted cameras ,accessing them instead using a web based interface. Engineers/Production staff can access a camera in the field to assess a shot or a cameras settings rather than waiting for crews to return from the field with incorrect or inadequate footage.

Would probably have seen this camera in the trade magazines of late after the BBC committed to 500 odd units to distribute across their regional offices and journalists for whom it is perfectly targeted.
It is small and light, but not so small as to be difficult to balance with handheld shots.

It has the usual audio inputs as well as both auto and manual controls for zoom, focus and image adjustment.
While only 1/3” sensors and a 35Mbit codec, the performance, particularly at the price point, is remarkable.

Colour reproduction is accurate, auto white balance is surprisingly good and noise is low in bright and low light situations.

The excellent 23x zoom lens is wide enough for conference shots and has a zoom that can get a tight shot when access to the subject is challenging. This adds a great deal of flexibility, reducing the need for additional lenses and adapters.

A little feature often overlooked is that the DC input is accessible while the battery is installed and also charges the battery. This is not the case with some other manufacturers small format cameras where you need to switch the camera off to unplug the DC and connect a battery when going mobile. May not seem important, but it will slow you down and potentially result in you to missing a shot while everyone else is free to move.

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