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Snell's Alchemist 'On Demand' live at IBC 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013 12:00 AM

Michael Byrne, our Technical manager explains how the Snell Alchemist family is expanding with an On Demand Software solution that utilises standard PC hardware.

Designed to provide on-demand access to Snell's image processing algorithms in file, virtualized broadcast, and digital media environments. 

Migration of image-processing tools from dedicated hardware platforms to software-based applications that can be provisioned in file, cloud-based, and virtualized infrastructures. 

By taking advantage of advances in cloud computing and virtual machine technologies, the Snell On Demand framework enables immensely scalable solutions, from a single computing instance to a cloud-computing environment delivering a service over a network. Snell On Demand allows users to deploy processing solutions on reliable, cost-effective commodity IT infrastructure rather than employ dedicated hardware for discrete processing operations.

Users can scale Snell On Demand according to their needs. To increase performance, users may add acceleration hardware or commercially available off-the-shelf products such as graphics processing units (GPUs), or they may choose to distribute processing applications across multiple virtual machines or server farms. The framework assures ease of integration with cloud providers, thus supporting delivery of Snell product solutions as a service on a network.

The first Snell On Demand product is Alchemist OD, a software-based version of their industry standard frame-rate specifically for file based workflows. The initial product implementation will support broadcast standards from SD to 3G 1080p, with frame-rate and format conversion between common broadcast file formats.
For customers who have previously not needed baseband video conversion and could not justify the purchase of an Alchemist and a FileFlow option to manage file conversions.

Provides a scalable architecture for file-based workflows requiring frame rate, frame size, codec and file type conversions.

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