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IBC 2013 - Sony CA-4000 fibre-based camera adaptor for the PMW-F55

Tuesday, September 17, 2013 12:00 AM

Den Lennie talks about the Sony CA-400, a fibre-based camera adaptor that's a docking interface for the PMW-F55 and will work across standard SMPTE fibre cables for distances up to 2000m.

This CA-4000 adaptor works alongside the BPU-4000 Base Band Processor Unit to route 4K signals and provide down converted HD output. In addition it permits operation with the HDCU-2000/2500.

4K, Fiber-based camera adaptor for the Sony PMW-F55 Super 35mm 4K Camera. Attached to the docking interface of the PMW-F55, the CA-4000 adaptor permits live delivery of 4K Super 35mm, high frame rate content, taking live event production such as sports, concerts and live studio programming to the next generation.

The CA-4000 works with the BPU-4000 base band processor unit to route 4K signals and provide a down-converted HD output. It also permits operation with the HDCU-2000/2500 CCU. An identical interface makes it transparent to the camera operator. It provides a 4K migration path for HDC Series camera customers as
 the 4K live system works with the same range of Remote Control Panels (RCPs) and Master Setup Units (MSUs) as current HDC Series system cameras, providing a future-proofed migration path for customers.

The system works across standard SMPTE fiber cables for distances up to 2,000m. Also extends HD production capabilities – adding flexibility and further return on investment Shooting up to 240fps @ 1080p50 delivering high frame rate/slow motion HD content. A live HD cut out from the 4K frame allows for a locked off PMW-F55 to cover the whole field of action while a director pulls out a high quality, full HD shot from anywhere within the frame.

Both the BBC and Sky have been performing numerous tests over the summer at Wimbledon tennis and the Confederates cup football tournament in Brazil. More recently, Sky completed a successful U4K Ultra HD test transmission of the West Ham vs Stoke City. This is likely to become more common faster than many think, as 4K content delivery expands on the back of video on demand and the rapid reduction in cost for 4K televisions.

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