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IBC 2013 - Sony PMW-400

Wednesday, September 18, 2013 12:00 AM

Den Lennie talks about Sony's PMW-400. 

The PMW-400 is an affordable 3 x CMOS 2/3" XD CAM HD422 50 mb/s Broadcast camcorder. It supports .MXF and XDCAM EX workflows using .MP4 and .AVI It also has an upgrade path for the XAVC codec to bring it into line with PMW F5 and F55.

PMW-400 continues the evolution of Sony’s XDCAM HD422 professional camera line-up as they gradually bring the small format and shoulder mount cameras into alignment from a codec and media perspective.

The PMW-400L is an affordable 2/3-inch Full HD 3CMOS sensor broadcast camcorder that, like the PMW-500, supports all SD / HD 422 broadcast workflows using .MXF and XDCAM EX workflows using .MP4 and .AVI. The key addition here is support for the XAVC codec being seen in the higher end 4K cameras.

This offers the next generation of compression algorithms providing higher quality and frame rates. Also, importantly, greater compression with significantly better image quality for proxy files, not just the full resolution files. Features a new, higher resolution, quarter HD LCD viewfinder, with improved contrast and viewing angle. Reduces eye strain and aides in precision focus. New advanced noise reduction processing (3DNR) allows the PMW-400 to achieve a signal-to-noise ratio of 60dB – one of the best in its field.

A flash band detection and reduction processor is now built-in to the camera, augmenting, and generally negating the need for the post-processing done by Sony’s Content Manager software.

The Sony 50pin connector and the optional CBK-CE01 interface connects the PMW-400 into Sony’s existing Triax and Fiber adapters and converts it into a studio camera. The dual SDI outputs allow for simultaneous onset monitoring/transmission and add further operational flexibility to the camera. Connector also supports integration with TVUPack Mini for live news gathering, delivering high quality, reliable video streams over mobile broadband networks.

The 400 works with Sony’s XMPilot and Wifi remote tools. It will also support the yet to be released Sony wireless adapter for 3/4G, Wifi and Ethernet streaming, proxy generation/recording and file transfer from the field.

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