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TVU delivers video content

Sunday, September 15, 2013 12:00 AM

Michael Byrne, our Technical Manager, explains TVU's latest products, the TVUPack and the TVU Grid.

People in broadcast, particularly live news acquisition, will probably be familiar with the relatively recent technologies allowing them to deliver video over low cost mobile broadband and wifi services. By simultaneously using multiple 3G or 4G service providers, wireless and wired networks, these Packs encode high quality HD video and deliver it reliably to a broadcasters MCR or to the internet.

TVUPack is arguably one of the more technologically advanced of these on the market, using unique and proprietary software to ensure the highest levels of quality and, more importantly, reliability. TM8200 may look familiar, but has some clever design features. It is smaller and lighter than similar backpack products in its class, with more power efficient components than its predecessor.

The modular design and the new MARC-1 modem enclosure add flexibility for environments where antennae performance could be improved by re-positioning the modems – like a vehicle. Combines the TVU264 low latency, high efficiency encoder, Inverse StatMux+ transmission protocol and RaptorQ, the worlds most advanced forward error correction algorithm for mobile broadband data services.

TVUPack Mini SE takes camera mount convenience to a new level, mounting directly into the V-Lock/50pin connector on the back of Sony shoulder mount cameras. Zero cables. TVUPack dials and connects to a Receiver automatically. It even displays its status in the camera viewfinder, so that a camera operator can focus on what they do best.

TVU Anywhere is a mobile app, enabling journalists and other staff in the field, to be permanently equipped to deliver live content in breaking news situations with just a smartphone or tablet.

TVU Grid is the latest addition to the family and builds on TVU’s unique and powerful products and services. Grid is the World's First IP-Based Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Distribution, Routing and Switching Solution Allows broadcasters to deliver content between global offices and affiliates cheaply and reliably with very low latency over existing IP infrastructure.

All of your Packs in the field, your Anywhere Apps, web streams and even your existing, baseband video transmissions are delivered to a centralized Grid server. Using a web-based GUI, all of these individual signals can be monitored, switched and routed in much the same way as you would in your gallery and MCR. Whether its one signal to many end points, or many signals to many end points, transmitters can be located any where in the world where there is an internet connection.

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