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Newtek's TriCaster 8000 review live at IBC 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013 12:00 AM

Michael Byrne our Technical Manager explains how the Tricaster can streamline your studio infrastructure.

The Tricaster 8000 is a powerful “all-in-one” solution for live event and studio production. Flexible, multi-standard, 24 channel switcher with independent up/down/cross conversion and support for external router control for larger scale multi-source productions. 8 fully re-entrant M/E’s allowing almost limitless layering of content and effects Built in 2 channels of video file playback, 2 graphics channels, audio clip playback and multiple frame buffers.

Stunning 3D effects and transitions, customiseable virtual sets with full, real-time camera pan and zoom, and comprehensive on-air graphics tools. Easily automate complex operations with recordable macros, built in trackers and ‘hot spot’ elements that can be triggered by talent. Deliver to Broadcast, output to a projector and stream to the web, all while simultaneously recording up to eight channels and publishing content to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

All from one box and all in full HD, with a single frame of latency and with the same rock solid reliability you would expect from a live production system.

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