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Progress report for Video Europe 16-camera OB truck

Monday, March 31, 2014 12:00 AM


C2S Systems, the systems integration arm of WTS Group, is building a 16-camera outside broadcast truck for Video Europe. Here is the latest on how the project is progressing.

Progress on Video Europe's new OB unit has accelerated rapidly over the past two weeks with our teams working on the vehicle 24 hours a day.

The hydraulic stabilising legs and rams for the expanding pods have received their final fitment and are now fully operational, and first fix electrics have been completed along with the installation of the air conditioning units and pipework.

All barring two of the racks are now inside the vehicle allowing our systems teams to make considerable progress. The pre-fab for audio and video are complete, as is the power supply with the exception of EVS and production.

Video and audio jack fields are loaded and are ready to go in the vehicle. All outstanding components and materials have been ordered ready for delivery when the vehicle returns from paint. Fibre and triax cables will be arriving next week along with the mixers and routers.

The external works are nearing completion as the vehicle is being prepared to leave for paint in the coming days. Both sets of pull out step assemblies have been manufactured and installed as well as all of the access, rack and emergency doors.

Internally, the flooring has been fitted and the trimming is moving along well with most of the interior now trimmed and finished with corian edging. Features such as internal sliding door, window and scripts will be installed when the vehicle returns from paint.

Whilst the OB unit is at paint, our teams will be moving on to the support vehicle to complete both the internal and external works on this vehicle, ready to switch back to OB unit on its return.

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