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Live football coverage: Signing TriCaster will have your club’s fans celebrating this summer

Tuesday, May 13, 2014 12:00 AM


On Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 May, WTS is hosting demonstrations of the most comprehensive TriCaster live TV production solution we have offered. Here, WTS Sales Manager Duncan Payne answers some questions about why TriCaster is the perfect system for football clubs looking to engage with their fans through their in-house match coverage and online video content upgrade their in-stadium and online video content.

Tell us what the live production system you are demonstrating does and how it can help football clubs who want to produce their own multi-camera match-day coverage.

Football clubs are more aware than ever of the importance of engaging with their fans. They also know that the football itself is their most precious commodity when it comes to reaching out to supporters. But football is about much more than the match being played on the pitch – supporters want the latest match footage, they want team news, they want in-depth analysis. What’s more, they expect it all to be presented to them at the same standard produced by leading broadcasters, with multi-camera coverage, instant slow motion replay and key stats and graphics. And they want it instantly, on the big screens pitch-side and in the concourses at half time.

This is exactly what NewTek have built their TriCaster range to handle. In the past, you’d have needed separate equipment for every element of your production – recording, encoding, switching, camera automation, audio mixing, graphics to name just a few. Now TriCaster does all that in one product. It really is a one-stop shop for all your live production needs. It makes producing your own live coverage a reality.

3Play, which we are also demonstrating, is part of that reality too. It’s the tool that gives you those instant replays of goals and controversial incidents, from all the angles and at all the slow motion speeds you could wish for. And it fully integrates with its NewTek sister product, the TriCaster.


Is this only for clubs with a big budget?

Absolutely not. There are a range of Tricaster models to suit every budget. Not only is TriCaster now established as the leading live production solution on the market, it also represents great value for money. As I mentioned, previously you would have needed lots of different pieces of equipment to produce live broadcasts. Now you need only buy one – along with your cameras, of course – and it comes at an unbeatable price.

You said that football is about more than the game on the pitch. Publishing the footage to the stadium and concourse screens is great – but what about fans who aren’t at the ground? How can they access the content that clubs are creating?

In developing the TriCaster, NewTek have recognised that social media image is critical – and that applies not only to engaging with your fans but also to attracting sponsors, advertisers and partnership opportunities. TriCaster offers a one-of-a-kind social media publishing application, which instantly links you with all of your social networks – like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – so you can share, distribute and engage instantly, even while the action is live.

Football is big business nowadays. Fans expect highly polished productions and clubs are keen to reinforce their brand at every opportunity. How can the TriCaster solution support this?

TriCaster boasts a formidable array of powerful graphics tools, supporting everything from scoring and statistics to virtual sets and animated graphics such as your club crest. It gives you a really professional presentation and helps you reinforce your brand.

TC8000-group -set -small

Is TriCaster widely used in sports venues?

Clubs like Arsenal and Derby County are already using TriCaster solutions in their stadiums, or else soon will be. And it is widely used in America – from college level up to major arenas like Boston’s TD Gardens, which hosts NBA basketball for the Boston Celtics and NHL ice hockey for the Boston Bruins. It’s also a multi-purpose venue for many other events and concerts – a bit like the O2 in London.

Are clubs limited only to using the live footage that they’re filming on match days?

On the contrary. You can use as much archive or pre-recorded footage as you like – interviews, player profiles, analysis, visual graphics, everything like that. As well as eight camera inputs, TriCaster allows you to easily bring these additional sources into your production – and we are also showing auxiliary equipment that allow you to add even more input sources.

Tell us more about the auxiliary products you are demonstrating.

The auxiliary products are geared around managing your digital assets, storing and archiving your productions and increasing video inputs for really large-scale multi-camera productions. These are solutions that are new to the market and that have been specifically developed with TriCaster integration in mind.

Proxsys _PA-Series

Vitec’s Proxsys PA Media Asset Management and LTO Archive tool is an out-of-the-box solution for managing and sharing your digital assets – and it also allows you to archive your production directly from the TriCaster control panel.

We’ve also got a proMAX Platform storage solution, which allows multiple TriCaster and 3Play systems to create and access content in a shared pool – so if you needed to run two productions at once, each production team could access content from the other production and add it into their show.

The BrightEye NXT 430 compact video router, which is made by Ensemble Designs, offers great options for increasing your video inputs. And we’ve got a Panasonic AW-HE120 camera, which is a remote-controlled pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ) camera which you can control from the TriCaster console itself.

Don’t worry if that sounds a bit technical, we’ll have expert staff on hand at the demo to explain everything!  And we can come and install your equipment and train all your staff too.

Today’s modern stadiums are much more than just football venues. How can TriCaster benefit clubs who want to host corporate events or events such as music concerts?

I guess a simple rule for events would be if you can film it, you can use TriCaster to produce it. So if a club is hosting an awards ceremony or a keynote event or product launch for a client, then the TriCaster solution can be used to give a really professional AV coverage on screens at the event – both covering the event itself and splicing in things like corporate videos or sponsors’ messages from pre-recorded sources. Of course, this can also then be shared online for viewers who are not actually at the venue. And producing coverage of a concert would be very similar to producing match-day footage. As I said, venues like TD Gardens in Boston are already doing these exact things with TriCaster.

What will clubs get out of the demo day?

What we are hoping to show clubs who come to our demo day is that producing top-quality video content in-house is not beyond them. They don’t need to invest in a vast array of equipment. They don’t need to spend a fortune. And with NewTek’s training courses, they don’t need to employ a whole team of broadcast professionals. TriCaster lets them do it all themselves, and makes reaching out to their fans with engaging, quality content a very achievable reality.


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