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A sneak preview of AJA's new CION

Monday, June 16, 2014 12:00 AM

Our Sales team got the chance to have a hands-on sneak preview of AJA's new CION camcorder that won't be available to buy until late summer. They spent some time with the AJA team learning about the unit, and Sales Manager Duncan Payne tells us about his thoughts on the new camera.

CION9 Copy


AJA were keen to come in and show WTS the soon-to-launch 4K Cion recently, and judging by the amount of enquiries, it should be an interesting summer for this camera.

Since its surprise unveiling at NAB in April, the buzz has been building and the late summer ship date seems to be on track. Second impressions were as good as the first with the camera feeling robust with a quality finish, without the bulk of some others. The thinking behind clever stuff such as using the full 4K sensor even for HD, and then "down-scaling" using their established processing technology, seems sound. And recording on to their robust and professional-grade AJA Paks, which you'll also find in the KI Pro Quad, gives peace of mind that the footage is secure.

We did like the GUI, which is simple to use and allows you to set up a complete studio full of cameras from one position, once the cameras are all networked via the ethernet ports. This also allows gang recording to be triggered which is a nice feature. All menu features that you can access onboard can be accessed remotely via the GUI and a video preview allows you to see the results of your changes without needing a dedicated preview monitor.

And importantly, the camera has the right connectors in the right places, four solid BNC connectors at the rear to handle quad HD streaming, audio XLR connectors, D tap on top, two HDMI outputs, an HD-SDI monitor output and a USB slot so you can even charge your phone!

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