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Canon C300 Mark II: Information about skipped frames in slow motion recording

Friday, October 16, 2015 4:45 PM

Canon C300 Mark II 4K camera


Some users of the new Canon EOS C300 Mark II camera have encountered issues with the slow motion function. Canon has issued information about this phenomenon and how it will be rectified.

Canon has confirmed that there may be skipped frames in footage recorded in slow motion with the EOS C300 Mark II digital cinema camera (firmware version 

The camera’s firmware version can be checked from [System Setup] on the menu, by pressing the MENU button, then selecting [System Setup] → [Firmware] → [Camera].

Canon C300 Mark II menu: firmware version

Not all cameras are impacted by this issue, nor are all slow motion modes affected. Footage recorded in slow motion in Slow & Fast Motion Recording Mode, in 4K and 2K/HD, and at all frame rates, may have skipped frames. This phenomenon does not occur for slow motion recording at 2K/HD recording at 59.94P & 50.00P frame rates.

Canon C300 Mark II firmware update expected in early November

Preparations are underway to release countermeasure firmware in early November. Once the firmware update is ready, Canon will make an announcement on its website. WTS will communicate this information to customers via our website and social media.

All new stock will ship with the updated firmware.

If you have any concerns about your Canon C300 Mark II, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 020 8594 3336. You can also find more information on the Canon website.

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